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Canon BJC-5000 / 5100 Bubble Jet Printer
Windows XP Driver Page

What Is This?

Canon has not released a Windows XP driver for the Canon BJC-5000/5100 printers. After contacting Canon USA and Canon Canada by email, I was told that no support for this printer under Windows XP would exist. T've had my BJC-5000 for a little over 2 years so I'm quite upset that Canon has decided to abandon driver support. This website was posted to put pressure on Canon to release an XP driver and to provide news for those who also want this.


  1. SIGN THE PETITION! Here's what it says:
    "We, the undersigned, request that Canon provide Windows XP drivers for the BJC-5000/5100 bubble jet printers. This printer was only introduced in the summer of 1998 and feel it is unreasonble to discontinue driver support."
  2. TRY THE WINDOWS 2000 DRIVERS. Click here for instructions.
  3. If the Win2000 drivers don't work, download the patch from Simone.


February 2004

My Canon BJC-5000 has finally died. It wouldn't recognise any cartridges, even brand new ones. RIP.

9 Sep. 2003

Our story is published! Sam Varghese at the Australian newspaper The Age writes about our petition to Canon. The online story is here.

6 Sep. 2003

I visited an interesting website called boycottcanon.com It seems that Windows XP users aren't the only ones getting screwed by Canon. There is a shocking letter that the site owner received from Canon regarding us users. You'll want to read it!

28 March 2003

Good News! Simone has written a program which many people report allows this printer to work in Windows XP. Go to: www.geocities.com/onesmart2003


17 August

Want to let Canon's President know how you feel? Here's his address: Kinya Uchida, PO Box 2338, Chesapeake Virginia, 23327 USA. Thanks to Chris Chinchiolo for the info!

18 July

I've received a couple of emails from people who got the printer working in Windows XP. I haven't had time to try them yet, but i've posted the instructions in the links section. Good luck!

13 June

Well, up to now I've emailed about 85 Canon offices and distributors around the world and the response is always the same, no drivers available, try the Windows 2000 drivers. What I don't understand is that if the Win2K drivers are so close to working why doesn't Canon just tweak them a bit!! If you have any high level contacts with Canon, please show them the petition. Thank you.

22 May

Someone has posted comments in the petition saying they have written XP drivers. I have looked at the drivers briefly and discovered it contains spyware (CyDoor). I'm trying to get more information about it. Beware of these drivers.

5 April

The petition has reached 500 signatures! Thanks, I'll be contacting Canon representatives worldwide once it reach 1,000 which should be within a month or two.

11 January

Petition is created. Sign the petition & spread the word!

10 January

I hooked up my BJC-5000 to another computer running Windows Me and share it over the network. This is working fine but would really like to run the printer from my main computer.

9 January 2002

Some people have had success using the Windows 2000 driver under Windows XP. This has not worked on my machine (WinXP Home) but give it a try anyway. A link is on the below.




Installation instructions

XP Driver Petition

Windows 2000 Driver

Canon Printers That Work Under Windows XP

NOTE: This is NOT an official Canon web page, I put this page up because Canon has not yet released an XP driver for this printer and I'm pissed off.

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