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Here's an interesting email I got from Carlos Izzo Videla regarding jumper settings:

Hello Carleton:

I have some additional data on the AcerNote Light 350PC that could
possibly interest you for your web page.

Seeing your page I recalled that when I ran the tests to see if I could
find the adequate settings to use another processor (at least with a
P166 MMX) they 'all' worked.

You may want to check the voltage settings. (SWY1, both off for 2.9v).

Your published results match with mine but I was also able to boot
using the other eight settings. 

Here are the results I found with a P166 MMX (FV80603166 SL27H / 2.8v

P166@166mhz.   off on off off  Norton SI Benchmark 567.1
P166@166mhz.   on on off off Norton SI Benchmark 567.1

This first pair of settings is also used with P200 MMX@200mhz.
I do recall that the P200 did not work with some settings but don't
have the results at hand.

If I get the time, I'll run the tests again and send them.

P166@150mhz.   on on on off  Norton SI Benchmark 510.4
P166@150mhz.   off on on off Norton SI Benchmark 510.4

P166@125mhz.   on on off on  Norton SI Benchmark 425.0
P166@125mhz.   off on off on Norton SI Benchmark 425.0

P166@100mhz.   off on on on  Norton SI Benchmark 340.2
P166@100mhz.   on on on on Norton SI Benchmark 340.2

Do notice that in each pair of settings with the same working
frequency, changing the first switch seems to make no difference.

Remember that starting with the first P166, mother Intel locked the
multiplier on the die and from that point on the only way to overclock
a Pentium chip was to change the clock frequency, which is what we are
doing here and probably the reason why the first switch has no effect,
giving us identical pairs.


Carlos Izzo Videla

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